Highly Visible – Cost Effective Solution

Highly Visible – Cost Effective Solution

When visibility matters, but you do not require a dedicated security officer on-site, mobile patrol services can offer you an affordable solution that meets your needs. Midwest Security Forces mobile patrol services can be the perfect solution for your unique situation and business type. From office parks to apartment complexes, or car dealerships and shopping centers to large industrial complexes, our mobile patrol solutions can be customized to fit your needs.

While mobile patrol can be provided as a stand-alone option, many of our clients find that combining dedicated on-site security, with the added visibility of a mobile patrol vehicle assigned to their account, offers the greatest deterrent of all. Adding mobile patrol to a dedicated account means you get the added visibility of a marked security vehicle on your property 24/7, while also providing a means of shelter and response for the on-site security officer without needing to add to your existing infrastructure.

As a stand-alone option, mobile patrol services can be customized to be flexible to fit your needs. Capabilities of our patrol officers include:

  • Checking of property perimeter, doors, windows, and locks
  • Dedicated vehicle on site
  • Security assessments (lighting, waste, perimeter fencing, etc.)
  • Facility checks (building, pools, laundry centers, offices, etc.)
  • Strong visual deterrence of criminal activity
  • Observing and escorting off of property of vagrants and trespassers
  • Parking enforcement and completion of citations and tow authorizations
  • Locking and unlocking buildings or other areas at designated times

All Midwest Security Forces vehicles are clearly marked and equipped with 360° LED lighting solutions to ensure the highest level of visibility.

Our vehicles are equipped with exterior or interior lightbars, first aid kits, ANSI Class II road safety vests, fire extinguishers, fleet fuel card, and all legally required paperwork, such as insurance cards, registration, etc.

As an added benefit, our patrol vehicles can be outfitted with various other technology as an added charged service to our patrol packages. These offerings include the following:

  • Fleet GPS tracking and vehicle monitoring
  • Guard tracking solutions offered through Lighthouse powered by TEAM Software
  • Front and rear facing radar units (great for HOA/POA community regulation enforcement)
  • Any other equipment required by contract