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Why Midwest Security Forces?

What is the advantage of partnering with Midwest Security Forces and how can our team serve you better than our competition?

All contract security companies recruit from the same pool of candidates, and work to meet your needs to carry out the security program you envision. If this were the case, why not select just any company at random since they are all essentially the same anyway, right? This is where a lot of potential clients make their mistake. While all the above is true, what’s going to matter are the employees your security contractor chooses to employ to serve you, the oversight and leadership delivered by the contractor, and the level of skill and continued learning provided to your contracted staff. This is what sets all of these companies apart, and this is why Midwest Security Forces is a trusted ally time and time again.

  • Localized Leadership – We offer a localized management team that lives and works in the areas that your business calls home. When you partner with Midwest, you get a direct line to our corporate management team, which includes:

    • Dedicated District Manager
    • Operations Manager
    • Human Resources
    • Vice President of Operations

    We are here to help answer any questions you may have and ensure your security program is operating effectively and efficiently.

  • Accountability – Midwest Security Forces believes in holding ourselves accountable to those who entrust us with the safety and security of their business, the people they care about, and their assets. We accomplish this through transparency in pricing and proposals, business reviews, optional guard tracking and GPS technology, and sophisticated accounting, payroll, and scheduling systems.
  • Customization – Our promise is to develop and deliver a total solutions-based security program to all of our clients. This means that a “one size fits all” approach to security is not only a recipe for disaster, but it doesn’t address the actual concerns of you: our client. We will work in collaboration with you and your management team to identify the best security professionals that fit YOU and your organization, and work with you to understand your security related concerns to implement a program that truly accomplishes its goals.