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Midwest Security Forces is a service leader in the Midwest region specializing in financial institutions, transportation, residential, and commercial industries. At MSF we foster a promote from within culture that offers advancement opportunities through various career pathways that you simply will not find with other companies. Many of our leadership personnel began their careers with us as entry level professionals and worked their way into their current roles.

We have many opportunities for those with the courage and the passion to take the steps toward building themselves as a serious professional in the industry. If this sounds like you, explore our opportunities and take the next steps to joining our elite team!


Midwest Security Forces utilizes the ADP Workforce Now platform which allows officers to clock in and out using the mobile app on their smart phones. Not only that, but it also gives our officers the ability to view their schedules, apply for open shifts, view, and print pay statements, see time off balances, and manage their tax withholdings with ease.

In select locations, MSF also utilizes vehicle GPS tracking, fuel management and maintenance record tracking to keep our fleet running efficiently, and reporting systems that allow real-time incident reporting with the ability to attach relevant videos and/or photographs for evidentiary purposes.

Based on your skills, service, and character, you can decide how quickly, and to what level you grow within Midwest Security Forces. It is important to us to see our employees grow through various positions and education as they continue to advance in their careers. Plus, your compensation grows right along with you!

Continued learning is something that we take seriously for professionals in our industry. Midwest Security Forces partners with an online training solutions provider who offers several courses for officers to educate themselves to a higher degree on security related topics. Officers are encouraged to reach out to their supervisors for assistance, and our leadership team is encouraged to mentor new and junior officers to bring them up to the next level in their careers.

Midwest Security Forces offers a host of benefits to our staff. These benefits include AHCA compliant health insurance benefits, paid vacation time, paid bereavement, employee recognition and bonus programs, special discounts on consumer goods, insurance, hotels, cell phone plans, etc. through ADP, uniform achievement ribbons, and select additional elective benefits through AFLAC.


Security Officer

In this position you are responsible for the overall security of a select client location. This position focuses on awareness, customer service, and protection. This important position delivers on our service focus every day. Minimum Requirements are:

  • Minimum of 18 years of age or older
  • High School diploma or GED
  • Valid driver’s license and clean record (if driving a patrol vehicle)
  • Meet any and all licensing requirements for the state of employment
  • Must pass a pre-employment drug screening and background investigation

Assistant Supervisor (Sergeant through Lieutenant)

These positions provide mentorship to security officers and act as the right hand to the site supervisor. Responsibilities in this position are to assist the site supervisor with their tasks, as needed, and provide direction for subordinate assigned Security Officers. Minimum requirements are:

  • Same as Security Officer (above), plus
  • Proven integrity, reliability, and accountability
  • Demonstrate knowledge of job duties and willingness to mentor others
  • Minimum of 1 year of security/law enforcement/military experience

Site Supervisor (Captain)

Captains are responsible for the leadership and direction of all staff assigned to a particular client location. These responsibilities can include, employee scheduling, development of post orders, interfacing with client management, etc. Captains are also responsible for assisting in the development of their officers to continue moving along the career path, bolstering their strengths, while helping identify areas for improvement while making a real difference. Minimum requirements are:

  • Same as Assistant Supervisor, plus
  • Effective communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to forecast staffing strategy
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of security/law enforcement/military experience (typically, but can be less for highly motivated individuals)

District/Regional Managers (District Commander)

Our District Managers are responsible for assuring client satisfaction and service standard deliverables throughout a portfolio of clients. Some of our District Managers are responsible for the oversight of thousands of weekly hours of service with several Site Supervisors reporting directly to them. The District Management team liaise with clients and officers in the field and report up through the Operations/Account Manager(s) and ultimately up through the Vice President of Operations. Requirements for District Managers are:

  • Same as Site Supervisors, plus
  • Demonstrated and indisputable record of reliability, accountability, and integrity
  • Highly effective and honed communication skills
  • Strong character who shows promise as a mentor and a leader of people
  • Industry certifications or education are a plus
  • 5-10 years of security/law enforcement/military experience

Corporate Operations/Administration

The corporate office executive leadership team oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. Effectiveness and excellence in service is the top priority. This includes employee training, procedure development and implementation, security assessments, professional consulting, and ultimate responsibility for the overall quality of service and satisfaction of our clients. Requirements are:

  • Same as District Manager, plus
  • Experience and ability to manage P&L
  • Business development and marketing
  • Proven effective leader and process manager
  • 10+ years of security/law enforcement/military experience


There are three ways that you may apply:

  • Fill out an application at our Chesterton office (802 Wabash Ave)
  • Stop in for an open interview at our Chesterton office every Tuesday from 9am-3pm and every Thursday from 9am-12pm
  • Click the Apply button below


Our security personnel undergo strict pre-employment screening that includes drug testing and background checks to ensure every prospective Midwest Security Forces Officer is responsible and mature. Midwest Security Forces complies with affirmative action programs and is an equal opportunity employer.


Midwest Security Forces provides a comprehensive training service designed to help our employees meet the growing challenges facing the security industry today. Through the assistance of the TargetSolutions and our own in-house experts, our officers are trained with an emphasis in Physical Security, Ethics, Legal Authority, and Public Relations. Well-trained officers reduce liability, turnover, and improve professionalism.